About Us

Rarity is a commodity at Abrash Rug Gallery.

Offering rare antique and original production rugs has made Abrash Rug Gallery a hallmark of excellence within the design trade. Uncompromising purchasing and purveying standards allow the gallery to offer an extensive selection of substantial rugs. Thirty-five years of personal experience and more than a century of family heritage in the rug business instilled the gallery with a precise and unwavering attention to quality. Abrash Rug Gallery was founded over two decades ago by the husband-and-wife duo, Alireza & Fara. 


In 2019, they expanded their brand with their newest brainchild titled “Abrash Modern Rugs”, a showroom that sits alongside the original Abrash Rug Gallery.

The pair has gathered, sourced, and selected an impressive collection of high-quality decorative rugs from around the globe and is continually adding to this vast inventory.

The Abrash team takes pride in unparalleled customer service while promoting high quality decorative rugs that leave a lasting impression.

What a pleasure to be in the business of beauty!

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