A search of Abrash’s vast inventory usually reveals the perfect rug. However, a décor may require a unique creation, a special size, palette, design or set of materials. Abrash’s experts are prepared to create your special rug and guide you through the process.

Abrash’s experts will ensure the success of the project by focusing on the details and goals set forth in architectural drawings, color specifications and detailed discussion with the project owner and designer. Abrash will support a process, which enables you to make informed and timely decisions.

When the project involves restoration of a previously built structure, Abrash experts are available to visit the site to verify dimensions and identify obstacles to the effective use of rugs. By engaging their expertise early in the process, Abrash is able to expedite an effective solution to your rug floor covering requirements.

Using master craftsmen, Abrash is able to provide a broad array of fabric options; from luxurious hand-knotted deep piled fabrics to smooth crisp hand-woven flat weaves. A deep understanding of the vagaries of production facilitates timely delivery of rugs created by Abrash.

Abrash knows that success is assured by the selection of the best components. Specially selected yarns and dyes provide the elements essential for creating a masterpiece of color and texture. Warm glowing wools and translucent shimmering silks are combined to produce a look and texture that are unique and memorable. Abrash experts are prepared to assist with the creation of designs. Long experience studying, interpreting and creating rug designs ensure that the proportions of the design are appropriate to the size and shape of the finished rug. Imagination meets reality as Abrash creates a sample of the proposed fabric for inspection. The proposed interplay of design, texture and color may be observed first hand and fine-tuned. This crucial step enables a process focused on meeting the design goals of the project.
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