Abrash is a full service rug gallery. With years of experience, our staff is prepared to provide a full range of services to enhance and protect your investment in this unique decorative art.


We value your time. Abrash understands that timely delivery insures that all elements of your décor will be on site to complete those perfect spaces within a design project.

Experience with residential and commercial projects enables Abrash to co-ordinate the specific requirements of any design project. Whether your project is next door or across the country, Abrash is prepared to fill your rug needs.

The installation of a rug affects both it appearance and longevity. Abrash is prepared to install your rug using the appropriate pad and attention to every detail. For special projects such as staircases or wall hangings, Abrash is prepared to complete the installation using “best practices.”


Periodic cleaning and repair are an important part of maintaining your rugs. These procedures are commonly understood and broadly advertised.

“First do no harm” guides Abrash in their approach to maintenance. In depth knowledge of every aspect of rug creation and maintenance, enables Abrash to elevate maintenance to a higher standard. With an understanding of dyes, materials, the affects of age and use and value, Abrash treats each rug individually. Maintenance is always tailored to the specific needs of each rug. The goal is to protect appearance and investment.


Abrash believes that proper cleaning resurrects the original qualities of natural fibers and dyes and leaves in place the patina imparted by age and use. Time-honored techniques, informed by the best science are used to clean your rugs.

Cleaning is initiated with an inspection to determine a rug’s specific requirements. Each rug then moves through a process tailored to its needs. Harsh chemicals and detergents are avoided. Continuous inspection during the process insures that the rug receives exactly the attention required.

The cleaning process is completed with the rug being subjected to Abrash’s meticulous finishing process. This process includes gentle rinsing to remove residues from the cleaning process itself. As the rug dries, delicate brushing is used to restore the natural fall of the rug’s pile.


The life of fine a handmade rug is often measured by the number of owners whose homes it has adorned. An occasional repair adds measurably to its longevity and preserves its beauty through generations.

Abrash employs repair techniques to improve both the appearance and longevity of your rug. Our repairs include techniques and materials that are consistent with the original construction of the rug. By understanding the structure of rugs from around the world, Abrash repairs are appropriate to each genre. If the rug is knotted with a Turkish knot, the repair will be executed with a Turkish knot.

Properly executed repairs, first, stabilize the fabric of the rug to prevent loss of pile. Once the fabric is stable, the goal is to execute repairs consistent with the original materials and construction of the fabric.


Abrash possesses the knowledge, skill and resources to successfully complete extensive restorations. A truly beautiful and rare heirloom rug that has become worn or severely damaged may be the perfect candidate for this unique service.

A knowledgeable expert will provide precise in-depth information to the owner regarding the restoration process. Each step of the process is described in depth.

An understanding of the world’s rug markets enables Abrash to counsel rug owners on the cost effectiveness of the proposed restoration. Abrash craftsmen have restored many family heirlooms to their original beauty.


Rug pads are often an inconvenient after thought to the purchase of a rug. If fact, the choice of a rug pad may determine how the rug performs under foot and in appearance.

The selection of a proper pad will protect both the rug and those that walk upon it. Abrash will help rug owners navigate the options available to them, making sure that the pad they choose is appropriate to both the rug and the surface over which it is used.

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